MedSkills Project

Medskills Project (Promotor: Prof. M. Nyssen, Coordination: A. De Smedt)

"MEDSKILLS" is a Leonardo da Vinci project, supported by the European Community. Its goal is to create a unique world wide web realistic training and learning environment of evidence-based medical skills.

The project partnership combines 6 different countries of the European Union, namely Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy tackling the following topics: "Medical fundamentals", "Respiratory difficulties", "Chest pain", "Shock", "Minor surgery", "Burns" and "Urgent delivery".

The modules will comprise high quality images, video and audio material, self-testing and a Dynamic Patient Simulator.

The MEDSKILLS project targets education, but will have a social impact for it opens a dialog between European Countries to discuss the needs for a uniform medical skills knowledge base.

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