sep 2009 - Virtual MINF Launching

In september, at the beginning of academic year 2009-2010, the medical informatics department will deploy the first version of the Virtual MINF Project.

This provides the public pc rooms with a thinclient and virtual XP infrastructure offering the student a standardized, secured and robust digital enviroment.

The project has a green label due to the decrease of energy consumption while running a virtual platform with thinclients vs. full "fat"-clients.


23th of june 2009 - Doctoral defense of Drs. Ronald Buyl

We would like to invite you to the PhD defense of Ronald Buyl, entitled “Contributions to e-health developments and electronic health records – advances in certification methodology, electronic registries and structured EHRs in physiotherapy”.

The defense takes place June 23rd 2009, at 18h at Auditorium Brouwer (VUB, campus Jette, Building A, Laarbeeklaan 103, 1090 Jette (Brussels) . The defense will be followed by a reception, to which you are also kindly invited.

Please confirm your presence before June 19th 2009.

See pdf for the abstract of the PhD and further details.

Barcode to enter the parking. Should be printed before usage.


may 2009 - Virtual Minf project

By the start of next academic year, the dep. BISI will install a new form of educative pc. We are introducing the power of a virtual desktop into todays pc classroom to satisfy the needs of students and teachers.

The virtual platform will be brought to you by means of a thinclient in the informatica rooms and the library of campus Jette. The objective is to offer each VUBnet user a personal desktop.

The desktop will contain all educational software needed by the student.


EMBEC 2008

European Biomedical Engineering Congress 2008

From 23-28 November 08 - Antwerp -Belgium. Click here for more info!


October 2008 New BISI website pre-released

We are pleased to announce the pre-release of our newly formatted website. Some area's are still under construction but will be finalized asap.

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